Top 10 items to pack when flying to a beach!

Here you are, planning your trip to Hawaii, or another island, for an upcoming vacation.  These destination vacations cost enough as it is without being gouged by the local prices of "must have" beach items once you are on island.  You typically are heading out for a week or more, so you are most likely packing a suitcase.  If that is the case, here are some great ideas for you to pick up before you head off to Paradise!  Not all items require a suitcase, but if you are taking one, there are some great items you can pick up a head of time.  Check out the links in each section for some ideas that can save you money and can be reused on your next trip:

Sunglasses - A must for any sunny location...but you have lost too many pairs over the years as they fall off your head and sink to the bottom of the ocean.  This makes you tempted to take cheap, non-polarized, disposable glasses that may do more harm than good.  Take a look at floating sunglasses that are also polarized: Waves Gear Sunglasses and KZ Polarlized Sun glasses.  Here are some floating strap accessories.

Beach Hats - The sun in these tropical locations can be harsh and unforgiving.  No need to let the sun and heat slow you down as there are so many options to fight off the sun and heat so you can keep exploring Paradise's beauty.  Whether you are looking for a woman's big brim hat for poolside relaxing or packable hats with UPF 50 UV protection for both men and women, there are choices.  

Collapsible Coolers - Most of the Paradise Escape condo rentals provide a cooler for your use while staying there, yet maybe you want an option that can hold your suntan lotion, cellphone, wallet, etc.  Here are some great options that can easily be packed into your suitcase and be used many times at any location in the future.  CleverMade provides additional pockets for storage and a bottle opener.  Coleman has a smaller option with less "bells & whistles."  Both collapse flat for easy transport.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Have you found yourself somewhere and said, "I wish we had music!"  Now you can.  The Tribit Bluetooth Speaker is small, compact and easy to pack along.  Are you looking for a bigger sound option, then check out the AOMAIS Bluetooth Speaker.  This system lets you charge your phone or other device as well as allows you to pair it with an additional system for up to 60W of music power.

Portable Water Bottle - We all want to save the well as a few bucks when traveling.  The Camel Mate water bottle can help.  Fill it up after you get through security at the airport and you no longer need to spend a few bucks on a bottle of water that you will just throw away.  This option will keep beverages cold or hot, depending on your needs.  Just want a water bottle for travel?  The Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle is another great option!

Beach Chamois - Yes, we provide beach towels for your use in Paradise Escape accommodations, yet some folks do not want to carry wet towels around when they are out for the day.  If that sounds like you, check out Dock & Bay's Microfiber beach towels for travel.  Light weight, repels sand, fast drying, and easy to pack.  Perfect for those day long beach hikes.  Looking for one that is a little smaller?  The RainLeaf Microfiber Towel may be the one for you!

Waterproof Camera - You want to capture every minute of your trip whether it is a picture or a video.  There are so many options to choose from, take a look and see what might be best for your family.  The GoPro Hero (or like style) is a multi-functional camera for the very adventurous family.  This option does require additional accessories.  The water, freeze, dust, shock proof Fujifilm FinePix XP80 is ready to go and one that the whole family can use.  Here is a great floating accessory for both: Nordic Flash floating wrist strap.

Hiking Day Packs - Here is one of those items that many people overlook when heading off to a tropical location.  You know you are going to head out and explore the island.  You know you will need snacks, water, camera, suntan lotion, etc.  The Venture Pal lightweight packable day pack is a great option.  Need something larger or smaller?  Check out more day pack options to see what may be a better fit for you and your family.

Waterproof Cell Phone Cases - Whether you are looking for an actual waterproof case for your Android or iPhone, Lifeproof cases have you covered!  These are designed for specific manufacturer's and models of cell phones.  If you are just looking for a quick and universal waterproof case, check these options out.  Some the the waterproof pouches can hold your phone, IDs, credit cards, and cash.  No more wet bills at the swim-up bar!

Luggage - If you are trying to decide if you should check luggage or carry-on, be aware that many airlines are enforcing the new carry-on size requirements: 22"x14"x9"Areollite MAX meets these requirements.  There are many options that come close but are actually too read dimensions carefully.  Here are a few more options that meet the 22"x14"x9" dimensions.  If you are checking, you need to be under 50 lbs.  The lighter the suitcase, the more you can pack.  Look at these lightweight options!  Remember, bright colors and tags stand out on the baggage claim belt!‚Äč